Ecological product
Eco NCF : ECOiso® NCF® is a sound insulation material composed by one sheet of Cork Agglomerate and one board of high-density recycled wood fibers. This material was thought in order to reduce transmission of sound and vibration in the floors of residential and commercial buildings. It can also be used on walls and ceilings.

Eco iso SPL : It is definitely the oldest and noblest raw material used for Acoustic and Thermal Insulation. Cork, a 100% natural product, is par excellence the best material for soundprofing.The density is controlled at 120kg/m3 - (264.55 lbs/ ft3). It comes in 1000x500mm plates (39.4"x19.7") and its thickness varies between 20mm and 100mm (0.8"x3.9"). It may be placed on the inner layers of walls, ceilings or floors or may be placed on the outer layer as a final finishing.

ECOiso® System

The ECOiso® ABL®