What is Joinlox?
Joinlox is a growing range of patented mechanical joining systems that provide innovative and cost-effective methods of joining and locking parts, components, assemblies and structures together to form strong, permanent or re-usable joints across a wide range of industrial applications. Joints can also be sealed to high positive or negative pressures.

The advantages of Joinlox technology include: cost-savings, strength, compactness, environmental, technical superiority and ease of assembly and servicing.

The Benefits

The benefits and advantages of the Joinlox system include:

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Cost-savings over traditional joining methods
Reduction in components and materials
Fully reversible and reusable mechanical system
Rapid and Simple to assemble and disassemble, without specialist tools or training particularly for on-site or point of use assembly;
Reduces labour costs and required skills levels for assembly and servicing of products and equipment;
Increased strength and uniformly loaded joint design with no point loads;
Compactness of the joint itself within the final assemblies;
Reduced packaging and logistics costs by enabling efficient nesting and flat-packing of items also resulting in reduced transport carbon footprint.
Reduced Environmental impacts related to materials usage, re-use and recycling of components.

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